Scrivel (Python Examples)

Scripting the Swivel Finance Protocol with Python


We suggest you create a virtual environment for this and every python project.

Install/ensure compatable python version

This is a python project, i'm just going to assume you have a python available. If not, do that first. Scrivel expects at least a Python version of 3.7.3

Assure you have pip available

which pip. Depending on your system it may be aliased with ...3 so, which pip3. If not present install it.

With virtualenv

Once you have pip available use pip install --upgrade virtualenv (sudo it if you must...).

Now you are free to place the virtual environment for this project anywhere you want. This author uses a ~/python/ top level directory to house all virtualenvs (which this author makes for each python project).

virtualenv -p python3 ~/python/scrivel

With the env made, source it.

source ~/python/scrivel/bin/activate

Now you can move to installing things...


Clone the repo, cd into the rood dir, (activate your virtual env if you have not) then

pip install -r requirements.txt

before you run the examples

Each of the files in /scrivel/examples needs its shebang modified to point to the python executable you created with virtualenv. For example if you followed the path above


If not, just make it match wherever you put it.

private key

If you are performing transactions via the Vendor a private key is expected to be available in the shell environment as PRIVATE_KEY. This will be used to sign offline, your private key is never exposed or broadcast in any way.


You'll need to modify the constants located in /scrivel/constants/

  • HTTP_PROVIDER: (string) A suitable URL for a HTTP Provider

  • WS_PROVIDER: (string) A suitable URL for a WSS Provider

  • PUB_KEY: (string) Your public key you wish to use

  • MARKET_PLACE_ADDRESS: (string) The address of the deployed MarketPlace smart contract you want to interct with

  • SWIVEL_ADDRESS: (string) The address of the deployed Swivel smart contract you want to interct with

  • DAI_UNDERLYING: (string) Address for the underlying token of an active DAI market

  • DAI_MATURITY: (int) Maturity timestap (unix epoch in seconds) for the above active DAI market

  • VAULT_ADDRESS: (string) Address of the vault associated with the above active DAI market

note on the above DAI market

As an example, you could use the addresses from the currently deployed contracts on Rinkeby:

DAI_UNDERLYING = '0x5592EC0cfb4dbc12D3aB100b257153436a1f0FEa'
DAI_MATURITY = 1669957199
VAULT_ADDRESS = '0xaEC3322CE4092a45b3B1B999c79B9F780E057BA5'

This is just one example market, it could, of course, be any other active market. USDC, etc... Feel free to make any constants you want for others obviously.

run the examples

The example files can then be run by (assuming you are in the repo root dir)

python scrivel/examples/<foo>_<bar>.py



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